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Xcel Energy Conservation Improvement Program (CIP)

What is it?

The Energy CENTS Coalition has partnered with Xcel Energy to offer the Conservation Improvement Program, designed to target higher usage Xcel gas and electric customers in the Twin Cities East Metro area. We can potentially help homeowner’s and renters in 1-4 unit buildings. This program is free of charge to qualified households. We recommend calling our office at 651-774-9010 or Program Specialist Kristen at 612-447-5106 with questions.

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Who can participate?

Our service area spans the East Metro, covering the entire counties of Ramsey and Washington, and includes some communities in Anoka, Chisago, and Dakota Counties. If you meet the guidelines for Energy Assistance, you may qualify for our program.  

What do I get?

Eligible customers are started out with a Home Energy Savings Program visit. If the energy auditor performing the visit discovers that insulation is needed during a HESP visit, the visit will then be turned into an Energy Audit. Learn more about the Home Energy Audit here. Energy audits typically take about 2 hours and will encompass a full energy assessment of your home. We target homes that are most in need of energy improvements and prioritize those improvements that will most significantly lower a home's energy bills. A HESP visit can include:

  • A check of the attic and wall insulation (access to your attic will be needed)

  • A check of the ages and condition of the boiler/furnace/water heater 

  • A check of the age, size and condition of the refrigerator, freezer and window/wall AC unit

  • Replace incandescent or CFL lightbulbs with LED bulbs

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Heat Pump Electric Water Heater
Power Vented Water Heater

Depending on each household’s needs, we may:

  • Replace the furnace/boiler

  • Install Ductless Air Source Heat Pumps for electric heated homes

  • Replace an old refrigerator or freezer with new energy-efficient model

  • Insulate the house to keep cold drafts out and keep heat in

  • Replace electric or gas water heaters with a new energy-efficient model

  • Replace an old window or wall air conditioner with a new energy-efficient model

  • Offer LED bulbs to replace incandescent/CFL bulbs 

  • Show you other ways to save on home energy costs

Energy Savings Program Income Guidelines

January 1 - December 31, 2024


Household Size     Annual  Income

       1                       $66,300

       2                       $75,750

       3                       $85,200

       4                       $94,650

         5                       $102,250

         6                       $109,800

         7                       $117,400

         8                       $124,950

         9                       $132,550

        10                      $140,100

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