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Greater Minnsota Gas Inc. Gas Affordability Program 

Customers receiving Energy Assistance through LIHEAP (Low Income Heat Energy Assistance Program) may be eligible to receive additional funds through GMG's Gas Affordability Program (GAP). The state-mandated program is designed to offer additional assistance through two distinct components:

  • Affordability assistance based on a percent of household income

  • Arrears forgiveness

The Energy CENTS Coalition works with Greater MN Gas Inc, headquartered in Faribault MN, to offer the Gas Affordability Program. GMG serves multiple southwestern and northwestern rural communities.


In order to be enrolled, customers must agree to be placed on a payment plan and make the required payment every month to stay enrolled. Enrollment is offered on a first-come first-served basis until the program cap is reached. 

  • GAP helps customers better manage monthly energy costs. Once enrolled in GAP, customers make an affordable monthly payment. They also receive a monthly affordability credit.

  • GAP can help customers pay past due balance. Customers who have a past due balance, but successfully make monthly GAP payments will receive an additional credit toward their arrears/past due balance. 


Enrollment is offered on a first-come first-served basis.  Program funding is limited.   

To participate in the Gas Affordability program, certain program rules apply:

  • You must pay your monthly Greater Minnesota Gas bill on time. If you fall behind on your payments, you will be removed from the program and ineligible to reapply until the next calendar year. You may be subject to service disconnection, as well.

  • You must receive Energy Assistance program funds for the current heating season.

GMG Affordability Program

Income Guidelines 50% SMI

   Household Size     Max Annual Income   

        1                        $32,667                    

        2                        $42,719                   

        3                        $52,770                 

        4                        $62,822                   

        5                        $72,874                   

        6                        $82,925                   

        7                        $84,810                 

        8                        $86,695                   


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