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Regulatory Achievements

ECC’s accomplishments from participation in proceedings before the MN Public Utilities Commission include:

  • COVID Pandemic service disconnection moratorium, consumer protections, and payment assistance programs - See Docket Nos. 20-375 and 20-760 here


  • Limiting electric and gas rate increases for low-income residential ratepayers and securing discounted rates for low-usage, low-income customers - See Docket Nos. 16-664, 20-850, 21-335, 21-630


  • Establishing affordability programs for low-income Minnesota Power and Otter Tail Power customers - See Docket Nos. 11-409, 22-133


  • Creating the first low-income conservation program dedicated to low-income renters in 1-4 unit dwellings - See Docket #08-1075


  • Requiring utility companies to report on residential customer past-due bills, the number of residential and LIHEAP service disconnection, payment plans, and the number of customers restored to service - See Docket #20-375, 22-02, 23-02 (ongoing 2024 (year)24 – 02, etc.)


  • Establishment of a Medical Assistance Program to limit the amount of income participants with high electric bills due to necessary medical equipment are required to devote to electric bills - See Docket No. 17-629


  •  Working to prohibit landlords from taking over tenant Xcel accounts, forcing tenants to lose access to utility consumer protections and Xcel Energy affordability programs and forcing tenants to participate in landlord-owned community solar gardens - See Docket Nos. 13-867 and 21-695

  • Worked with Xcel Energy to provide a Payment Plan Credit Program for customers with high past-due balances because of financial stress caused by COVID.  Customers entering payment agreements received a 75% credit toward their pre-program balance.

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