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Energy CENTS Home Energy Audit

An Audit Can Include

  • Blower Door Testing

  • Thermal Imaging / Infrared Scanning

  • Detailed Attic Evaluation

  • A check for carbon monoxide on your heating appliance and water heater


The Blower Door Test


All exterior doors and windows are closed and all interior doors are opened


The outside air becomes a higher pressure than inside which causes the air to leak out of the unsealed cracks and openings from inside the house


A professional insulation company uses different methods to seal up the air leaks that are found based on their nature 


The blower door is mounted to the front entrance and the fan is turned on pulling air out of the house, lowering the air pressure inside


An infrared camera is used to help identify leaky and uninsulated areas


The result is drastically reduced air leakage for a more energy efficient and comfortable home


Air sealing, insulation and other affordable efficiency upgrades can reduce energy loss which helps to lower your monthly utility bill

Using  energy more efficiently is a cost-effective way to help make our world a better place to live

Upgrades can lead to cleaner air as well as more consistent heating and cooling throughout the house

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